My Love Hate Relationship with Fonts

I read a post on Traci Reed’s blog, Top Spring Fonts to Brighten Your Layouts, today. I liked one of the fonts mentioned in the article, Simplicity, free from I tend to go on a font spree about once a year. I’ll download fonts I really like. I load them up into my Fonts folder. Then they sit there! I tend to use the same fonts over and over and over. Why do I do this?

I’m hoping that as I slowly move into the world of digi scrapping that I’ll use a wider variety of fonts. We’ll see.

Wordmark examples

Check out this cool tool – Wordmark. You can type a phrase or title and it will show you what it will look like in all YOUR fonts – all the fonts on your computer. It’s pretty sweet!


It’s CALVINBALL time!!!

March means CALVNBALL!!  Over at the GIS Forums, we’re playing Calvinball – come join us!!

What is Calvinball you ask? From the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon – Calvinball gets you scrappin’! You earn points for all kinds of things – and the points change all the time! Smack talk is welcome!!

Taming Your Pocket Scrapping Fears

I discovered Becky Higgins’ Project Life system soon after it was released. But I wasn’t interested in committing to something that I “HAD” to do every day. So, I completely dismissed Project Life system. Do you feel the same way? Let me tell you a little about my scrapping journey and how I’ve come to embrace the simplicity and freedom of pocket scrapping.

I am a lifelong memory keeper. I have always taken lots of photos. I got them developed right away. I wrote on the back of every photo. And I put them in photo albums. Done! Everything changed around 1999 when I started “developing” my photos in digi format. I stopped printing my photos and haven’t put photos in photo albums since then. In 2000 I discovered the world of scrapbooking. I started creating 12×12 layouts. Over the years, I was taking more photos and creating fewer and fewer layouts. I had TONS of photos that were stuck in my computer. And that was very frustrating.

Late in 2011, I had an epiphany! I could use Project Life as a “photo album” for all those photos stuck in my computer. I dismissed the idea of “photo a day” or “two-page spread per week.” I would do it MY way! I bought the Cobalt Edition Core Kit, Cobalt Binder, and a pack of Design A page protectors. I was so excited! 2012 was going to be my very first Project Life photo album. But the honeymoon didn’t last long. All the 4×6 pockets were horizontal orientation. I wanted to scrap chronologically. But I couldn’t fit vertical photos in horizontal pockets. I can’t tell you how frustrating this was. The pocket pages with vertical pockets seemed like a waste of space.


I scoured the web for ideas. I posted on forums. I felt like I was the only one with this problem! Why wasn’t this bothering other people? I even stopped taking vertical photos, but that made me mad because some photos needed to be vertical. I emailed Becky Higgins and found out they were releasing a variety of pocket page designs. Woo Hoo! My album now is almost exclusively a mix of Design A and Design G page protectors.

Using different pocket configurations through out my book would be great – so I thought. I chose a pocket page for the photos I wanted on the right-hand side of a 2-page layout. Then I turned the page and WHAM it was the totally wrong configuration for my next set of photos. Grrr – this was never going to work. I let my album sit for several months. When I came back to it, I was so far behind that I decided I would just print all the photos for one month and scrap them all at once – regardless of the photo dates within the month. My album is chronological by month, but within that month I put the pictures wherever they fit. When I embraced this approach I WAS FREE! Soon after I had come to this solution, Noell Hyman at posted a fabulous article about the many benefits of using a month-at-a-time approach to Project Life – Five Reasons This Approach to Project Life is Easier on You and Your Budget.

“Because you’ve freed yourself from a strict weekly timeline, you can put all the vertical photos on one page with vertical pockets, even if they were taken in different weeks.

Trying to work a week into a page can be a nightmare when you have both horizontal and vertical 4×6′s as well horizontal and vertical 3×4′s. Not only can it be stressful, but it requires you use additional pages.”

Remember, a pocket page protector is just a tool. You decide how to use this tool.

  • Simple pages full of photos? YES!
  • Amazingly creative pages using design principles? YES!
  • A detailed record of your daily or weekly life? YES!
  • An overview of a month at a time? YES!
  • Pocket page layouts for special events? YES!
  • Mix pocket pages with traditional layouts? YES!

Pocket pages don’t have to be scary. There are no rules!

We’d love to hear how you use your pocket pages – comment below!

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No new dog for us.

I decided that if I couldn’t decide if I wanted a new dog, then it wasn’t the right time. Thanks to everyone for their input!

My ex used to criticize me for not thinking for myself. Why not gather all the information you can before you make a decision? Someone might share something that I never thought of. I guess that’s why he’s my ex!

To get a new dog – or not

Today’s dilemma…whether to add another dog to our family. I wasn’t looking for a new dog, but my sister pointed one out on Facebook from a local shelter. She’s the same mix as the one we have now and they could be sisters.

PROS: Zia (our current dog) would have a sister to play with. We’d be rescuing a dog that needs a home.

CONS: More poop, food, hair, noise, etc. etc. etc.

I”m torn. I know if we go look at her we’ll bring her home. Anyone care to share any thoughts?

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